Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cobra snake's blood Benefit

Snake blood is used in Eastern Asia as an aphrodisiac and a sort of natural Viagra for men. Doctors and medical experts say that there is no evidence to support that snake blood will help a man's libido, but it is still sold in China, Malaysia, Thailand, and other parts of Asia. There is dispute to which type of snake blood works the best, but most seem to prefer cobras or poisonous snakes. In many restaurants and bars the blood is diluted with alcohol or water, but in some places they have a live snake who's tail they pierce right in front of the customer and he/she can suck blood directly from it. Supposedly the less the snake has been punctured the more potent its blood is. And if it is sucked straight from the snake it will work the best. Snake blood peddlers say that after a few minutes you will be able to feel the effects.

These are the list of snake blood Effect: 

Anti-inflammatory effects
According to recent studies, snake blood may be useful in treating Rheumatoid arthritis. Scientists now suggest the potent has anti-inflammatory effects, thus is beneficial in treating inflammatory disorders such as arthritis. Nonetheless, research is still ongoing to determine whether this theory has scientific backing.

Post-surgery healing
When organs or tissues stick to each other after surgery, morbidity is inevitable. For this reason, applying the potent on the incision or wound can prevent the occurrence of post-surgical morbidity. Additionally, it has minimal side effects in distant organs or tissues, and concentrates the therapeutic effect on the incision or wound, thus promote faster healing.

Reduces risk of stroke
Strokes occur when fatty material clog up the arteries. This condition is characterized by trouble speaking, difficultly swallowing, writing, permanent neurological damage, paralysis and even death. Studies show that snake venom contains toxins which prevent clogging of the arteries, thereby reduce your risk of stroke.

Treats cancer
Researchers have found out that snake venom contains certain proteins that help inhibit tumor growth. The potent slows down the development of tumors and blocks cell invasion and adhesion. According to scientific findings, snake venom can help to cure certain types of cancer.

Boosts male potency
Snake blood also helps to boost male potency. Nonetheless, studies are still ongoing to determine whether this theory is factual. Doctors say that thorough research on this area is vital to ensure that the alleged benefits have scientific backing.

Cure skin diseases
The most controversial effect of snake blood is that it can cure skin diseases, such as red spots on the skin surface. I myself have drank a few times to keep my skin smooth. For people with acne are also recommended to drink cobra snake's blood. It may reduce the acne on your face too. A lot of people believe that the cobra snake's blood is very efficacious to cure various skin diseases. but there also are many people who do not believe. Some sites say that in terms of snake blood medicine was not efficacious to cure skin diseases. They think it's just a suggestion only.


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  3. Well there is still dispute to which type of snack are safe to your body if you got one contain cancer in those blood then those will bloody danger to you. I have 4 friends who addicted to drink jungle juice but eventually they die with cancer problem. A lot of people believe that the cobra snake's blood is very efficacious to cure various skin diseases. but there also are many people who do not believe. Some sites say that in terms of snake blood medicine was not efficacious to cure skin diseases. So I recommended don't ever try drinking cobra blood if you gonna safe your live.

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